V-ID market capitalization

$ 2,413,533

V-ID circulating supply

Maximum circulating supply 37,846,283

Validation Wallet balance


Token distribution

Validation Pool
Closed, never circulating
Locked, 1% daily after 24-12-2019
Locked, 20% annually
Locked, 20% annually
Total supply62,391,039

VIDT fees chart

Payment of compensation fees has been automated since June 5th '19. 1 VIDT extra is required for a DigiByte transaction, 1 VIDT for an added LTONetwork transaction and a real-time VIDT fee representing $ 5 for a Bitcoin transaction.

Transactions and fees

Fee per fileTransactions
Aug   7 17   383 8,452
Sep   12 16   739 4,743
Oct   12 23   318 5,442

VIDT spent
Aug  3,246679,74514,019697,010
Sep  10,871761,73874,114846,723
Oct  4,2581,029,87518,4881,052,621

Batching multiple files in 1 transaction by API was deployed on May 12th '19 in our API V2.

More than 1 file per request will be batched in a single transaction, requiring VIDT fee x number of files.

The number of transactions and gas fees is expected to stay relatively steady thanks to this update.

Validation fee per file

Minimum fee 12
Dynamic fee 15

V-ID clients pay in fiat for our services since Q4 '18. All validation fees (on all blockchains we support) are paid for in VIDT.

Clients can choose between a fixed € / $ fee (dynamic VIDT fee) or real-time market price (minimum VIDT fee).

The minimum VIDT fee is reset every month as the rounded equivalent of € 1.24 on the 1st day of the month.

These fees are for storing data in the V-ID smart contract, powered by Ethereum. Storing file fingerprints in DigiByte, Bitcoin or LTONetwork requires an extra VIDT fee.

Burns and buybacks

Q1 '19
Tokens spent798,400
Tokens burned159,680 
Tokens bought back79,840 

Q2 '19
Tokens spent1,771,638
Tokens burned354,327 
Tokens bought back177,163 

July '19
Tokens spent438,664
Tokens burned87,733 
Tokens bought back43,866 

August '19
Tokens spent697,010
Tokens burned139,402 
Tokens bought back69,701 

September '19
Tokens spent846,723
Tokens burned169,345 
Tokens bought back84,672 

10% of VIDT spent on validations is bought back at exchanges in unequal parts, at random moments. These tokens will be burned each month (formerly each quarter).

Another 10% of VIDT spent on validations is taken from the Validation Wallet and burned as well.