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V-ID updates

  • V-ID and DigiByte aim to end document fraud
    read more about this joint development
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  • Ex-CTO American Express, joins V-ID
    V-ID welcomes Chris Robinson


Publications and updates

A collection of recent V-ID updates and publications.

Self Validation Platform is live!

November 1st, Apply for early access to the beta version
Early launch announcement

October 25th 2018, Self-validation will be live soon
Economic Development Board

October 19th 2018, High level brainstorm session
Public sale has started!

October 15th 2018, Start of the crowdsale
Soft Cap Reached!

October 10th 2018, Presale ends early
V-ID Tokens are now available at banc.nl

October 4th, First OTC sales of VIDT
Practical use cases are the next phase for blockchain

October 1st 2018, New medium article by Pim Voets
Real world adoption of blockchain technology

September 25th 2018, V-ID on Reuters.com
Krohne Altometer & V-ID blockchain validation

September 25th 2018, Exploring the possibilities of blockchain for the manufacturing industry
BIG NEWS V-ID and DigiByte development

September 17th 2018
Chris Robinson, ex-CTO American Express, joins V-ID

September 15th 2018
Token presale is live!

September 15th 2018, 33% bonus for our first participants
CryptoMurmur article / analysis

September 13th 2018, A great read, thanks!
Interview with Lead Concept Development of V-ID

September 12th 2018, First in-depth interview
V-ID gets appreciation from icoCDR

September 8th 2018, Great first community reviews
First notary office to embrace V-ID's blockchain-based services

September 6th 2018, New medium article by Pim Voets
V-ID scores 5 out of 5!

September 1st 2018, New rating by ICObench
V-ID, the best fraud prevention program

August 31st 2018, An article by a crypto enthousiast
V-ID scores 9 out of 10 in FoundICO

August 30rd 2018, It's great to get appreciation
V-ID's file validation process explained

August 29th 2018, New medium article by Pim Voets
V-ID verification live demo

August 26th 2018, Live demo from our Dev studio

August 24th 2018, Our very own sub reddit
V-ID token source code deposited

August 22nd 2018, A first time for everything
V-ID smart contract is published

August 18th 2018, Another milestone completed
Meet Magnus Dufwa, V-ID's latest member of the advisory board

August 16th 2018, New medium article by Pim Voets
CryptoCompare listing of V-ID

August 5th 2018, Now it's official
Introducing the V-ID Bounty Campaign

August 4th 2018, New medium article by Pim Voets
This is how V-ID awards quarterly performance based bonuses

July 27th 2018, New medium article by Pim Voets
Start of tokensale partnership with Alterdax

July 12th 2018, Yes, we will do a token sale
Bachelor degrees stored by V-ID

July 4th 2018, One of our first clients
V-ID joins Twitter

July 2nd 2018, V-ID starts spreading the word
V-ID introduction video

June 29th 2018, Update version published by Pim Voets
V-ID Telegram group

June 28th 2018, You can reach us by Telegram
The 3rd largest criminal activity is rapidly digitizing

June 26th 2018, New medium article by Pim Voets