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Scaling up with tailored validation methods

Hi everyone!

In our ever continuing mission to scale up V-ID, we are constantly looking for process optimalisation. As of now, we offer 3 methods for validation that suit various use cases.

I want to share with you the current pitch about our 3 validation methods that we present to our prospects.

1: Validation Service

V-ID staff members will do the actual validation for you on-site. If the client wishes, a V-ID-trained notary will be present as well to confirm ID’s and oversee the validation process.

2: Self Validation

This method allows an employee of the issuing organization to validate files at any time. First, an employee of the publishing organization is appointed to become a Validator. This person’s identity is established on-site by a V-ID agent and V-ID-appointed notary. After V-ID has created the Validator’s profile on the platform, he or she is able to log in at a Validation Terminal. The Validation Terminal has a user friendly interface, where files that need to be validated can simply be submitted by dragging and dropping.

3: Bridge Validation

This validation method is a server-to-server process. The V-ID API extracts the fingerprint of a file from the code that the company software uses to create that file. This means that, for example, in the case of a typical dynamically generated PDF file, the V-ID API does not need to handle the file itself to still be able to validate the file. This validation process is completely non-intrusive to the normal workflow at the company.

Validation and Verification

Yes, the two halves of our security platform. It is crucial to have a secure validation method, because the key to confirm the authenticity of a file is to know the source.

Verification only works if it is easy, because nobody wants a cumbersome authenticity check; users will simply not bother, which would render the whole security system useless. Luckily, with V-ID, any recipient can check a file within 5 seconds on an internet browser, that's it!  

Lastly, I would like to point out that we have a new corporate website that emphasises V-ID's real-world solutions. You can check it out here!

Upwards and onwards!

Pim Voets
Lead Concept Design