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A key part in V-ID's strategy to wider adoption: Self-validation!

Hi everyone!

Currently, V-ID provides validation of documents with an extensive service to ensure that, simply said, we know for sure that the person validating files is actually the person that should validate the files.

Our validation is offered in three versions, all watertight, but also heavy on time and resources. In the most extensive validation service, we validate files on-site at the client, with a V-ID-trained notary present to oversee the process.

To be able to scale up our business faster, we have a process in development that enables customers to validate files themselves, on their own computer, at their own time of convenience with a simple drag and drop interface, running in an internet browser. Still as secure as the current validation service, but without the amount of staff, planning and overhead costs.

In the coming weeks, we will demo and explain how exactly we are able to achieve this. The first part is the launch of the bèta version of V-ID Self-Validation on November 1st! 

Our token VIDT will be at the core of this process, and will be bought in pre-paid bundles by our customer base to use for their validations. VIDT is currently available with significant discounts, so now is the best time to join our investor community!

Thank you for your continued support, it has been an incredible journey so far, and we obviously have awesome stuff to look forward to!

Have a great weekend!

Pim Voets
Lead Concept Design