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V-ID updates

  • Ex-CTO American Express, joins V-ID
    V-ID welcomes Chris Robinson
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  • V-ID and DigiByte aim to end document fraud
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Community updates


We wish to thank all of you to help improve our concept by asking us so many questions!

So, to be transparent, here are some answers ...

How much has been raised so far?
The presale will end in two weeks, we will update our community with some numbers by then. So far, enough was raised to ensure our development can proceed ahead of schedule. We might well reach our soft cap while still in presale.

When will V-ID be listed?
V-ID is currently available over-the-counter at banc.nl, while still in presale. The exact launchdate of our first exchange listing will be before this year ends but depends on other parties. Multiple exchanges have agreed on a listing so far.

What if I do not want to receive any more mailshots?
Sorry if you hear to much of us, of course you can update your preferences in your account settings.

Is KYC required for buying tokens?
Yes, absolutely, we need to know who you are and be sure you are not a resident of one of the restricted countries. With more than 1,400 participants around the clock, we decided to allow participants to buy tokens without a prior check. Please note if you do not pass our KYC check, every transaction will be reverted. We will contact you individually.

When and how will I receive my tokens?
You can register your Ethereum ERC20 wallet in your account, if you do, the tokens will be transferred automatically at the end of the crowdsale. If you do not, you can maintain your balance and withdraw at your convenience starting December 15th.

Your question?
We will answer any and all questions and welcome you to contact us. You can reply to this mailshot if you wish, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

VIDT is available in our Presale until October 15th with substantial bonuses, these bonuses will not return.

The week 3 bonus of 20% ends within 20 hours, don't miss it!