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  • Ex-CTO American Express, joins V-ID
    V-ID welcomes Chris Robinson
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  • V-ID and DigiByte aim to end document fraud
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Blockchain powered validation

V-ID uses blockchain technology to end all document fraud. The V-ID validation service allows organizations to validate the identity of their documents in a worldwide decentralized blockchain.

Those documents can then be verified, so recipients know that the content of the document is unaltered and exactly as originally published.

Why is this useful?

With V-ID, it is impossible to alter the content of any digital file, without losing the verified status of the file.
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Why invest in V-ID Tokens?


V-ID is a universal fraud protection standard for any digital file.
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How does it work?

An organization that issues, for example, certificates in PDF format to its students, can validate these documents with V-ID.
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Why is it needed?

As everything is becoming digital, we are forced to distribute our files in many different ways.

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What makes V-ID possible?

V-ID provides blockchain-powered, on-demand, secure verification. V-ID uses the digital fingerprint of a document and locks it in a blockchain transaction that is then broadcast to tens of thousands of servers across the planet.
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