Secure digital assets with
blockchain powered validation

V-ID in 90 seconds

Discover the concept behind
 blockchain powered fraud prevention

V-ID will be the superior way to apply
blockchain tech in existing applications


Our clients

V-ID's client base operates in various fields, including education, medical, research and tech

V-ID can securely store data in multiple blockchains, requiring only V-ID Tokens for the transactions

Meet the V-ID team

The team is experienced, capable and highly motivated,
core team has been working together for over 10 years

Wico van Helden
Chief Executive Officer
Marnix van den Berg
Lead Development
Pim Voets
Lead Concept Design
Ceciel van Helden
Lead Programming
Wil van Groesen
Lead Engineering
Thijs Calkhoven
Lead Product Management
Edwin van der Lee
Lead Customer Support
Bastiaan Oosterman
Advisor, Business Dev Director Alterdax
Magnus Dufwa
Advisor, CEO Blockalize,
Lead Dev Shipchain

Dr Alan Whitfield
Advisor, CEO UK
Willem-Jan Smits
Advisor, Lawyer
Watson Law
Chris Robinson
CEO LendSend, Ex-VP and
CTO American Express


Why invest now?

The market for data protection is tremendous and cybersecurity is a growing priority.

V-ID offers the most practical, inexpensive and fail-safe solution.


✔️ Operational platform
✔️ Growing client base
✔️ True utility token
✔️ Buyback and burn policy
✔️ Rewarding Hodler-program
✔️ Upcoming blockchain partnerships
✔️ Guaranteed exchange listing  


  Join the crowdsale starting at $ 50,-

Bitcoin, Ether, $ and € accepted


For a longer and detailed story, please read our whitepaper and feel free to ask us anything.

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V-ID's 3 methods for blockchain validation explained

November 28th, New Medium article by Pim Voets
Self Validation Platform is live!

November 1st, Apply for early access to the beta version
Early launch announcement

October 25th 2018, Self-validation will be live soon
Economic Development Board

October 19th 2018, High level brainstorm session

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